Oral Health Advice

Kilbarchan Dental Practice oral health infomation and advice can be accessed below:

Download information on brushing (pdf)

Gum Disease
Download information on gum disease (pdf)

At the practice as part of your routine dental examination we also
check your mouth for signs of abnormality.

Mouth cancer (also known as oral cancer) is when an abnormal group of
cells, known as a tumour, develops on the surface of the tongue,
mouth, lips or gums.

Symptoms of mouth cancer include:
one or more mouth ulcers that do not heal,or (red and white)patches on the lining of your mouth or tongue, and swelling in your mouth that lasts for more than three weeks.

Things known to increase your risk of developing mouth cancer include:
smoking, drinking alcohol (smokers who are also heavy drinkers have a much higher risk when compared to the population at large)

If diagnosed at an early stage, a complete cure is often possible using a combination of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Visit your dentist at once if you notice any abnormal problems or are not sure. Regular dental checkups allow early detection of abnormalities in the mouth.