At Kilbarchan Dental Practice we offer a wide range of treatments everything from a quick clean from our Dental hygienist to a full Cosmetic workover. We carry out both NHS treatments and Private and Cosmetic work.

We  are committed to the NHS and as such will provide you with a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth and gums, we will explain your treatment options and tell you what treatment can be done under the NHS, and what other work can be done privately if you wish.

We will make sure you know how much your NHS treatment and any private
treatment will cost. We will discuss with you how often you need to attend for a dental check-up. We will provide you with a practice information leaflet.

Treatment that is purely cosmetic, is not available on the NHS, such as
white fillings on back teeth or tooth whitening and all of the facial rejuvenation services we offer such as wrinkle reduction, facial peels and fillers. We also offer a wedding service for your special day which can be tailored to suit you but could include some teeth whitening or a nice refreshing facial peel. 

As we are aware that dental treatment can be daunting for some poeple we offer treatment in the form of IV sedation for especially nervous patients. We try a create a relaxing and calm environment for all our patients whether nervous or otherwise and value your feedback.