Where can I find a Sedation Service in Renfrewshire?

It is not at all uncommon to be nervous about a visit to the dentist – particularly if it has been some time since your last check up or you think treatment is required.
In extreme cases this can even prevent some people getting the treatment they need as they avoid seeing a dentist at all. To help nervous patientsovercome their fears dentists have developed sedation techniques to help ease apprehension and make the experience entirely pain free using a combination of drugs that take away anxiety (anxiolytic) and take away pain (analgesic). Some even cause you to forget about the treatment you have just had!


Intravenous conscious sedation delivers drugs directly into the bloodstream for an immediate and controllable effect. The patient will become drowsy, relaxed and unaware of any treatment whilst remaining conscious and able to communicate.

Don’t worry if you are afraid of needles as oral sedation (in liquid form) is one of the most popular methods now offered as an alternative to Inhalation sedation (gas and air) which is rare in general practice these days. 

In order to help you sleep the night before any treatment you may also be prescribed an oral sedative (in pill form) to take at home.

Modern practices like ours offer both oral and intravenous sedation. Prior to any type of sedation we take a full health history and go over the procedure with you in full. You are closely monitored during and after the procedure.

If you would like to find out more about sedation and anxiety services offered by dentists don't hesitate to visit us at the practice, call us on 01505 704969.