How do I care for my teeth at Christmas?

Caring for your teeth at Christmas

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With Christmas almost upon us this is the perfect time to remind everyone about how to best to enjoy festive food and drink and look after your dental health.

Of course Christmas is a time to let loose and indulge but we think you can have the best of both worlds if you are just a little bit sensible.

What foods are good and bad for my teeth?

Try to avoid too much eating between meals but if you do snack stick to the crudites and nuts rather than sweets and chocolates. Nuts are a great alternative to crisps as they contain calcium and vitamin D that both have dental health benefits. Try and enjoy your sugary treats after a meal and brush your teeth after main meals. If you can, avoid sugary drinks and drink plenty of water instead. To find out more check out our articles on what foods are good for your teeth and what foods are bad for your teeth.

How can I avoid getting my teeth getting stained?

Red wine can stain teeth so stick to white if you are partial to either. Cheese is an ideal accompaniment to wine as it contains calcium and helps combat the damaging effects of acid. Dried fruit is high in sugar and gets stuck to your teeth so maybe brush your teeth after eating mince pies, Christmas pudding or Christmas Cake and try and eat these after a meal too. Remember to leave it about an hour or so after eating before brushing your teeth.

For more about looking after your teeth see our oral health advice.

Can I get teeth whitening and electric toothbrushes as Christmas gifts from my dentist?

If you are still looking for Christmas present ideas the latest electric toothbrush is always a popular stocking filler and our gift vouchers have become popular to put towards teeth whitening and facial rejuvenation treatments (please note an initial consultation is needed prior to treatments).

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year from all at Kilbarchan Dental Practice!

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