How can my dentist help with skincare?

The excesses of Christmas and New Year often prompt healthy new years’ resolutions to detox and get fit which is brilliant. However with the added drying effects of central heating, cold temperatures and lack of sunlight your skin can also suffer at this time of year.

How can my dentist help with facial rejuvenation?

It is becoming more common for dentists to offer services above and beyond everyday dental treatments. In some modern practices like ours aesthetic services are now also offered. This makes a lot of sense as dental staff are highly trained and work in tightly regulated clinical environments.

Where can I get Botox, Facial Peels and Fillers?

As well as teeth whitening, veneers and crowns some dentists provide facial rejuvenation services. Skilled and qualified staff can advise on and administer a range of treatments from wrinkle reducing injections (you may have heard of Botox) to facial peels and fillers. At Kilbarchan Dental Practice we have a dedicated member of staff who is a specialist in this area and can offer valuable advice on the most suitable treatments on an individual basis.

The service also includes skin assessments, advising on skincare regimes and “cosmeceuticals” (skin treatments only available by prescription).

So if one of your new years’ resolutions is to look after yourself better why not book yourself in for a consultation, we provide this for free as it is important to find out what will work for you.

If you would like to find out more about aesthetic services offered by dentists don't hesitate to visit us at the practice, call us on 01505 704969 or check out our website at

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